As tile artists and craftsman, we aim to perfect our ceramic process and fine-tune our knowledge of the craft. Every detail is carefully considered. Our signature is exceptional quality in all aspects of our work. View a glimpse into our process below.

How We Make Our Tiles

artist carving a ceramic tile from clay
Original Designs

Hand-carved by Artists

Historically inspired or created from nature, each original design has been carved and created in our tile studio.


Pressed and Shaped by Hand

Each handmade tile is crafted from the highest quality, white ceramic stoneware clay, pressed into a plaster mold made from our original sculpture and individually dipped into our artisanal glaze colours.

Plaster molds for Handmade tiles
Ceramic Pottery Kiln for Tiles
Timeless Quality

Kiln Fired in Small Batches

Once the tiles are initially created, they require several days to slowly dry before they can be fired in the tile oven (also known as the kiln).

This first trip to the kiln is called the biscuit firing and hardens the surface in preparation for the colour (or glaze) to be applied.

After the biscuit firing, your chosen glaze colours are applied by hand through a dip method.

Next, the tiles are re-fired in the kiln to 2200 degrees Celsius. This high temperature firing is what produces our unique colours and high-quality ceramic material.

When the tiles come out of the glaze firing, we inspect them carefully and package them up safely for their next adventure to your home or project location.

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