For many years, we have been perfecting our ceramic processes and fine tuning our knowledge of the craft. We pay attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality in each bespoke tile. Every tile is pressed, cut and glazed entirely by our own hands from our workshop located in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

Making Pressed Clay Tiles by Hand

artisan carving victorian border tile
Original Designs

Created by Artisans

Inspired by nature and historical architecture, each of our designs have been uniquely created by our family of artisans.


Honouring the Craftsman

Each handmade tile is crafted from the highest quality white stoneware clay, pressed into a plaster mold made from our original sculpture and individually dipped into our artisanal glaze colours.

plaster mold for making ceramic tile
ceramic kiln for firing tile

Fired for Strength

Once the tiles are initially created, they require several days to dry slowly before they can be fired in the tile oven (also known as the kiln). This first trip to the kiln is called the biscuit firing and hardens the surface in preparation for the colour (or glaze) to be applied.

When the tiles come out of the glaze firing, we inspect them carefully and package them up safely for their next adventure.


Passionate About Tile

Personalized service, creativity, patience and a dedication to high standards are the pillars we are building our business on. If there is anything we can help with, please let us know. We love working directly with homeowners, as well as with interior designers, to bring creative ideas to life.

craftsman pressing clay into tile mold