General Advice

🖤 Order a single sample of tile before placing a large order

🖤 Not sure about colour? Order a sample pack to see an example of our glazes in your home

🖤 Planning to cut any tiles? Order a few extra just in case (~5-10% for large installations)

🖤 Each tile is made to order and requires pressing, drying, glazing and firing. See How long before I receive my tiles? below for more details.

handmade ceramic wall tiles in blue and off-white

Orders and Shipping
How long before I receive my tiles?

All tiles are made to order in small batches (learn more about our process here). Production time depends on the size of the order and our prior commitments. Current make time for small orders is 8 to 12 weeks. This is the timeline before they can be shipped. 

The timeline for custom orders and field tile is currently 12 to 20 weeks. Contact us for a production estimate if you are working within a project schedule to confirm the approximate timeline. Supply chain issues have presented some challenges in acquiring raw materials, so all timelines are approximate.

Where do you ship tiles?

Our shop is based in Canada and we ship tiles all over the world – throughout North America, Europe, Australia and more. Please contact us for if the shipping estimate for international orders is unavailable or seems unusually high.

We usually ship through Canada Post (5-10 business days with tracking information after production) but customers in North American can request expedited shipping through Fedex (3-5 business days after production) by contacting us.

U.S. and international clients please note: All import taxes, duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We cannot estimate these costs for you. Shipping delays due to inspections by international customs facilities are beyond our control.

Do you accept commissions or custom orders?
From historic tile designs to commemorative plaques, our tile artisans can help bring your ideas to life. Learn more about the custom tile design process here.
Where can these tiles be installed?

Our tiles are made from high-fired ceramic clay and finished with beautiful, durable, artisanal glaze colours. They are heat, water, scratch and frost-resistant. They make great backsplash accents and focal points above your gas range or fireplace surround.

Other common uses include showers, hearths, walls, stair risers, and outdoor fountains (in areas that don’t experience extreme freeze-thaw conditions).

Are there any best practices for installing handmade tiles?

All installation procedures should conform to those prescribed in the Tile Council of North America Publication entitled Handbook of Ceramic Tile Installation.

Please confirm that your tile installer is familiar with this publication and has experience following the guidelines within.

It is highly recommended that you (and your tile installer) perform a "dry layout" before installation. This requires laying out all of the tile on a counter or the floor in the exact way that you plan to install it. Inspect the tiles, organize until satisfied and take note of final dimensions.

What type of grout should be used?
A sanded grout is necessary for joints larger than 1/8”. A quality, polymer modified sanded grout is highly recommended. Special applications may require a different grout type such as epoxy. Follow the grout manufacturer's guidelines for sealing. Your tile installer may have different recommendations depending on your project needs.
My tile isn't perfectly flat or square, should this be expected?
The entire process of creating the tile is done by hand. As each tile is unique, small variations are expected and this is part of their inherent charm. Unlike machine-made tile, the handmade tile process uses wet clay during the forming stage. As the freshly pressed tile dries, it shrinks considerably before being fired in the kiln where it becomes ceramic. Handling, shrinking and firing to a high temperature, all combine in the final tile installation to produce a vibrant, organic layout. If you have any concerns about variation, please discuss options with your tile installer. They may suggest selecting a grout similar in colour to the tiles in order to make the variation less pronounced.
Care and Maintenance
Will the colours fade or change over time?
Our tiles will never fade – even in direct sunlight. Our glaze colours are vigorously tested for durability. Each tile is produced to be "heirloom quality" so that it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.
How do I clean my handmade tiles?
Regular soap and water work best for most cleaning purposes. If you have a difficult or sticky cleaning job, a soft sponge or green scrub pad along with soap and water is recommended. Avoid acidic cleaners or abrasive cleaning methods as these may damage your tile.
Are these tiles under warranty?
All HeartStone tiles are guaranteed against defects beyond the usual, desirable imperfections characteristic of handmade tile. If you feel that you have any defective tiles, we will gladly replace or refund the purchase price minus return shipping. However, since we have no control over and are not responsible for the materials used to install the tile, the method of installation, backing, the skill of the installer, type of maintenance, usage or amount of traffic, we cannot guarantee tiles after they have been installed and assume no liability for damages of any kind. Please inspect all tiles before installation. Tile installation constitutes final acceptance of the product.