We love to help our clients bring a vision to life – from historic tile designs to commemorative plaques.

sculptor carving a lion tile in relief

Our custom tiles are a labour of love. The price point for each design is based on several factors, including tile size, complexity and total order quantity.

Process for hand-carved tiles includes:

  • Free project consultation by online meeting or email

  • Artwork sketches with project estimate (deposit required to begin)

  • Carving the master tile from clay

  • Creating the production mold with plaster

  • Production and colour glazing of your custom tile(s)

  • Preview and approval of the tile(s) before shipment

Each tile carving generally starts at CAD $500 for the initial drawing, design and sculpture work (and approximately $15 per square inch for anything larger than 6"). Orders take a minimum of 12-16 weeks to fulfill due to the overall process involved.

Custom glaze colours require an additional investment (starting at CAD $200) depending on the overall effect and amount of tiles required.

Our goal with every project is to provide a delightful experience for all our clients. Ready to get started? Please use our contact form to send initial details about your project.